The Most Unusual Furniture

For all fans of interesting and unique things we would like to present an unusual selection of the strangest furniture, which does not just look different from the usual, but looks very original in any house or apartment. Such furniture is a step into the future, and who knows, maybe with time something so bizarre will be so common that we will find it in the trends for the next years.

Unusual beds

The fastest bed. Almost four meters in height, 8 meters in width and eleven meters in length – the author’s creation of Ed China. The bed, which is capable of developing a speed of up to 120 km / h, is probably not the best place for sleeping, but it deserved to take its place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The coldest bed. It is located in Sweden in an ice hotel. But this cool bed is probably not the coziest in the world – the temperature in the rooms is about zero degrees. But the brave guests who decided to try to sleep in such extreme conditions are provided with special sleeping bags intended for polar explorers.

aquarium bed

Aquarium- bed. These who love marine fauna will be fascinated with this luxurious bed that cost $ 12,000. The main feature of this piece of furniture is an aquarium instead of a canopy -you can sit comfortably and enjoy the view.

Flying bed. Is dedicated to the fans of everything magical and supernatural. A comfortable bed for sleeping and leisure is placed between two powerful magnets, capable of easily bearing a person’s weight.

Cozy bed. If you appreciate home warmth you will love this unusual furniture that mimic the bird’s nest. Huge soft pillows resemble birds’ eggs. Among other elements of a decor are straw nest made out of cardboard and green pillows-leaves.

Wooden furniture

Table-swing. Practical and unusual furniture made of light wood in a minimalist style. The designer’s idea is that a person who has dinner with you cannot leave the table without leaving the partner in a literally suspended state.
Sofa – can. The frame of this ‘can’ is made of natural wood, painted with gray paint with a comfortable seat made of black leather.
Tennis table and armchair. Excellent design detail in the house of a true fan of great sports. The table leg is made of real tennis balls and is topped with a transparent glass lid. The chair is also fully assembled from green balls. Furniture has the main advantage: when moving around the parquet floor, it does not leave any scratches.

For Kids

Lego padded stools. Very capacious cubes in the form of Lego that can be easily assembled into different structures, the same as their smaller counterparts. The inner compartment is great for storing toys, magazines and other small items.

unusual bed

Sleeping area. Fantasy and unusual furniture for the children’s room is also popular among designers. A bed for a girl resembling a princess’s castle or for a boy in the form of a racing car will suit any kid and will bring joy to the parents.

Top Furniture Design Trends 2017

In 2017, you will notice some major changes in the interior and exterior designs, especially in the furniture. Some new design trends and materials will dominate the market. Even in the colors, you will notice some differences. You might see some new colors like pastel colors, purples, ruby reds, and vibrant greens. Moreover, the focus will be more on the eco-friendly materials and design. It is not about the furniture only; you will notice improvements in the overall interior designs.

New design trends in furniture

In 2017, everything in your living room is going to be cozy and beautiful. Many interior designers and furniture professionals have focused more on the secure, cozy, and all-around feel-good environment to offer the relaxing and cool atmosphere. If you are looking for peace and quiet moments then 2017 will offer you better options in furniture than ever. You can decorate your home with natural color and natural material with clean-lined furniture. You can use any of the authentic material and designs. When it comes to the materials, you can choose from glass, wood, and metal. For the people who like a more authentic look and natural feeling, they can go with the wood material. They will use the mixing fabrics to offer an impressive and eye-catching look.

In addition to above, some previous designs and trends will also dominate the market this year. The designers will use the natural, eco-friendly and playful material, design, and color. Besides, they use some decorative ornaments to enhance the look of the home interior. You can choose anything from Bauhaus design from the twenties to the modern designs that include cocktail chairs and some other popular designs of the previous years

Mirror from a fairy-tale style will also be included to offer some traditional look with innovative and new designs. Some brands like KARE and Cologne furniture will take inspiration from different sources like the movies and popular stories. You will see the neo-baroque armchair, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and Grumpy cat and some elements from the Fun Factory. You will see different colors and designs.

You will see some emphasis on the uniquely crafted furniture. People will prefer the well-made and solid furniture. In addition, you will find the preference for the antiques to add value to your home. If you are willing to spend more, then it will be the best addition to your home interior. For the eco-friendly color, you can choose anything green. Green will be preferred in 2017 as it represents nature and life and create a positive thinking and offers you the relaxation and peace. Moreover, it will go well with any home interior design. In contrast to the perfect finishes, you will experience some deconstructive luxe. It will retain the original look, new design, and deconstructive finish to go well with any home interior and exterior.

In 2017, people will prefer the quality solutions and natural materials. In addition, they will focus on the light eco-friendly colors and both the traditional and contemporary designs. Woods will be preferred more and some other materials like plexiglass will also be used.