The Evolution OF Furniture Design: An Ultimate Overview

Modern furniture which is also referred to as contemporary or twentieth century furniture has undergone over notable changes in the recent past. You find that there are no ornate designs or carving work on furniture like it used to be in the nineties. The twentieth century furniture has incorporated a way in which it blends with chrome, glass, steel alongside the traditional wood as the base material.

The evolution of the furniture design field has been marked as the furniture period in the furniture design history. Periods like age of oak, walnut, federal, chestnut and nineteenth to twentieth the modern furniture century are all in the design and history books.

The furniture design field has grown catching up with the advancing technology as new trends are being introduced a day after the other. You find that so many people look for wood furniture to furnish their houses. People prefer custom made design that fits the look and the feel of their house. This has made almost every wood store owner to embrace these new trends. These new design concepts and trends are explained in details below.


Design Concept?

A design concept is the essence of any interior design proposal by a client. It is through a design concept that you outline your plans for the space at hand to an audience or perhaps a client. You can use the help 3D software programs such CAD design to visualize a design concept to a customer. In the design field it is important to choose a person who can write strong concept statement. The only way to know that a person is competent in modern furniture design is through checking out the number of their design scenarios.

New Trends

There are so many types of design concepts. They are used according to the requirement in hand such as a statement to recap a customer desires and needs showing how the design in hand will meet his or her needs. This is what is referred to as blue print of the project. Others might prefer to create a detailed design that will help the client to see how everything will be affected as they move through the space. However, a designer should follow the details that the client gives them strictly to ensure that the final project is as the customer wants.

Consideration of Modern Design Concepts

A strong and relevant design concept should be economical, specific and discuss the actions that the designer will take in order to the meet the needs that the client wishes. During visualization the statement given using 3D software should include both the goals and intention for the specific space as well as strategies that you will use to finish the project. For example if you are designing a hotel restaurant space, instead of saying “I want to come up with an environment that looks like home”, go direct to the point and say what you want to do explain how using the prototyping computer software. Describe fully how everything will fall into place including color and pieces of furniture you have chosen to work with.